Did anyone ever read this book? (someone else said he fought in the Kumite)

Take a look at this. It turned up on my Amazon wishlist.

In this no-holds barred, tell-all account, Headmaster and Martial Arts Hall of Famer, Dr. Joshua WestMiller tells of his days as the first American to be invited to compete in the elite and underground Kumite. Westmiller is the original competitor to first coin the term Mixed Martial Arts and fight under the MMA title, and is also the founding Headmaster of United States No Holds Barred. He first began fighting Kumite at Master Hidetaka Nishiyama’s suggestion in 1962, and retired in 1964 with an astounding record of 27 wins and zero losses. Ten years later, Frank Dux would establish his Martial Arts “Flying Horse” name by fighting in this same no-holds barred Kumite world. As Frank Dux related in an interview with Martial Arts Illustrated, the early days of MMA in the US were filled with real, full-contact, no-holds-barred fighters who didn’t hide behind styles, but were willing to fight anyone, anywhere. Because of the underground nature of such competitions, Dux said, few were filmed and many fighters competed under pseudonyms, like “a fighter known only by his handle ‘Cherokee’ whose real identity is Joshua WestMiller, Hidetaka Nishiyama’s student.”

What do you think? I didn’t buy it yet.

Until the actual footage of it came out a few years ago, I always thought the Kumite was entirely BS. Yeh, I know it was more like “unlicensed kickboxing/karate tourney” than “Mortal Kombat deathmatches” in reality.

Are you referring to the Taiwan film which had a French guy fighting in the 1980s? Frank strongly implied he was the fighter until the man’s son called him out.

How about providing a link to the footage you are referring to?

This was the video I saw a couple of years ago. I think it was this one anyway.

Was that not legit?

The comments to the video reveal that it was Phillipe Cadoret in Taiwan in 1986. There is a Fuji ad in the background. Its not an underground tourment, its entirely above ground.

Its a full contact tourment not the “kumite”.

Savate guy? Something Something.

There goes @SamuelBrowning , checking to make sure the pickles bounce.

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Bless your heart @FrankDucks for attempting to revive the spirit of Trollshido

I remember Bullshido was the first place to notice the Fujifilm ad, too, the same day Frank tried pulling this off. It was an older format, but it checked out.

Everyone else was focused on the combate, Bullies were too busy dismantling it frame by frame.

He didn’t check out.

I feel mildly silly now, to be quite honest.

I’d seen that footage and just been like “oh, Dux actually did do something - even if he embiggened the story in the telling”.

I guess this is kinda like seeing footage of some random dog/chicken fight on YouTube and using it to make the point that Pokemon battles are real…

Yeah. But having that jackson looking guy was a really strange coincidence.

I honestly had to scroll back to the top of this thread to check the post date .

Its 2022 OP , FFS keep up!

The KUMITE legend just keeps giving.

I’ve recently been doing some more reading around as a result of the replies I got here.

This is an interesting, entertaining read, I thought.

Yeah, it’s 2022 but it looks from the Google results that people are still debating the existence of the Kumite. Lots of “I want it to be real because I first got into martial arts because I was inspired by Bloodsport and Frank Dux” comments.

Reading through. He makes this point that nobody at 19 could have been a legitimate badass.

And I know a guy Tyler Manawaroa who was bashing fools in pro fights at about 16 I think.

I don’t think he was 16 here. Maybe 18 to 19. Not much older.

Lol, yeah.

If the Kokuryukai wasn’t just a bunch of middle-aged westerners fighting over dragon bones these days, perhaps they could’ve given him a deathmatch invite…

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Thats nonsense

18/19yr old Tyson KO 15 people in 12 months then another 11 people the following year to become a 20yr old Heavy Weight world champion.

I think Ducks was claiming similar but in one day/tournament with zero evidence he was even at any kind of tournament or even that he had the skills to do it.

There was a thread on here about a guy called “Christian Wargod Darrow” check it out when you can, he claimed similar to Ducks when he came out of prison that he was champion of some underground fighting league.
To be fair to him he did look the part but alas as soon as he was called upon to show his skills against an amateur fighter who was in fact a Bullshido poster i think LIGUY ? he got KTFO but not just because LIGUY was better it was because he showed quite clearly that he cant fight to any standard above that which you would expect in an untrained pub brawl.

Ducks is yet to prove he is even capable of that unless you include the time Zane Frasier kicked his arse?

There is a really simply way to prove you can fight, its called fighting.

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Since I started this thread, I’ve been looking for Dux vids. Only stuff I’ve seen is him teaching moves in slow motion to compliant students while talking them through what he’s doing or striking inanimate objects, tbh.


That’s because that is all there is .

Zero , nothing , nada , zip.

Flat earthers provide more convincing evidence than Frank Dux.

It’s weird how so many people still think that Van Damme is the blowhard here. Despite there being (some) video and photographic evidence of his fights in the 70s that can easily be found online and someone having found his full fight record a few years back.

There isn’t that many from what I have seen.

Sure there are a small cult of idiots that swallow all the bullshit but that can be said of many things that are obviously complete dog turd to most people .

I think we had thread once to start a cult with complete bullshit and see how many members we could get .

What you find is that these conmen know their audience .

So if for example Tony Anthony the fake king Fu champion bodyguard evangelist never actually went to real body guards or kung fu schools to peddle his bullshit he went to churches were he knew the majority would not be able to tell if he was telling the truth or not as only a tiny percentage of People in most churches if any have experienced martial arts of body guard training and have leaning towards giving people the benefit of the doubt until they prove themselves unworthy .

You go to one of Dux’s seminars and you will find perhaps a few people that know what they are doing but don’t give a shit he’s a fraud they think it’s fun and the rest will be complete larping idiots that would follow anything that would make them feel special .