Diary of an Undergraduate Wing Tsunner

I just looked for my diary (circa 2007) in the archive. The thread is there but all my diary entries have been deleted. Clear evidence of a global BJJ cabal, as if it were needed.

So fucking funny my guy. Hilarious. I’ve started to lighten up since those days though and I now see the humor in flooding a man’s household with hate, violence and bullshit. I think its funny to be in your social and professional and familial spaces pushing that harm against you is funny and not to be taken seriously.

Ha Ha.

You may be sitting there indignant thinking “Hey, this is a free country, I can mock what I want.” And it’s true. But if you continue to spread destruction, I’m going to use a computer program to track down and destroy every fucking thing within 3 degrees of separation from you. I’m going to dump so much destruction and abuse into your home that your loved ones will kill themselves. I want you to SEE them stop breathing.

Anyways, as I was saying, Ha Ha. We’ll have some jokes together you and I. Or just move on and find some other frame of reference for your humor.

And Anonymous gains another member, and another Guy Fawkes mask.




I honestly think Vinny admitting that Carlos requested the money should have ended this mess. That’s why I had him do that. It kinda clarifies the truth. Sad it has to be handled the way it has to be handled.

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As a polite reminder to the group, Fawkes was a crusader for Catholicism, not really a freedom fighter.

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Not really relevant in context. It’s more a V for Vendetta mask in the context of modern Anon.

Ah, so a bastardization made up of half-truths and total fictions, vs an actual history.

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I figure it means relentless, morally ambiguous, cybersocial attack. In the case of V, its a reference to his propoganda war.

While this is an acceptable perspective for us, I have strong doubts that is the lens they see themselves through.

Which Anon do you mean? Chans or Anon War Machine?

Didn’t there Colombian drug cartels kill a bunch of them?

Anonymous wins victory in drug cartel fight (nbcnews.com)