Dangerous Waters MMA - Found Some Real Life Bullshido... in Wyoming

I’m being facetious. Just trying to ascertain bullshido’s mission. I thought we were pro fraud now.


If you’d watched any of the videos you’d be aware of many of the unverified claims that I’ve been trying to get verified but, like anyone who knows anything about bullshido, he doesn’t back anything up with evidence. He’s a BJJ world champ in the early 2000s, according to him. GRACIE and MACHADO world champ. Judo black belt is something fairly easily verified, nothing. Numerous other claims across the net, social media and videos. Doesn’t back it up other than doubling down on the claim. Watch the series, you’ll understand why I am dunking on him and calling him bullshido, because he has all the hallmarks of bullshido.

So in answer to your question, number 4 is the qualifying question - false credential claims. Thanks for coming, now kindly step off, I have some dunking to be done on this guy.

He’s a tame duck.
Why don’t you find yourself a sex predator, or financial fraud, or somebody claiming psychic powers, and go get 'em.
You’re fishing for sunnies.
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I think he’s mental.

Waters, not @battlefields

I approached him as a peer level judoka, and he retreated quickly at some easy questions and associations.

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There is a lot of lot of that, going around.

Even more reason, to leave him, alone.

Unless he is hurting somebody.

Tame Duck.

Yeah, I get it.

We don’t want to go back to this, now do we?


Bullshido has spent weeks explaining that they are not objective, that they do NOT care about martial arts and the martial arts community and that they refuse to punch up. It’s time to hang it up. It’s over.

I didn’t ask for a Bullshido investigation. I posted this asking a question for my own channel’s investigation and in case someone wanted to see it from the old school.