Dangerous Waters MMA - Found Some Real Life Bullshido... in Wyoming

Well, I didn’t go to Wyoming, y’all know that, Australia is locked down tighter than a fish’s butthole. But online I came across some massive claims on a video that were made by someone who DEFINITELY doesn’t have the skill level to back up the claims.

So I have been doing a little video series, similar to my deep dive into BJJ Mumbai/ Deepak Rao/ Seema Rao - at first it was just out of interest, the guy “coached” the Powell school Judo club from what I could see, but he made some massive claims about being a BJJ international champion and Judo legend. Couldn’t find anything on his name in either martial art, but I’m only Googling.

How do I find out if he is a Judo Black Belt? I seem to remember there was a register somewhere, but I can’t remember.

His videos are hilariously bad and the further I got into them the more I realised I hate this man because he is a fraud and is going to cause his students harm.

Anyway, the video series is coming out over the next few weeks, check it out, it’s me laughing at the techniques and execution and then getting mad at the screen because the “coach” Tim Waters, is clearly a charlatan.

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