Curating your news feed


Where do you get your information from?

I get mine from the BBC, RTE and CNN

I record Chris Cuomo to watch in the morning, Smerconish on Saturday and Reliable Sources on Sunday

I also subscribe to the Smerconish news letter which provides a good cross section of articles from a diverse range of media outlets

I watch local news and then ABC news that comes on afterward. When George Snifalotapus comes on with the political talk on Sundays, I flip over to CBS which usually has some kind of feel good news on. Or I watch some Netflix or something. I’ve stopped watching political news because all it is any more is saying the same anti Trump stuff over and over and over. Maybe when he is gone, it will get better but I think they have forgot how to do objective political talk any more.

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I only started watching CNN in 2016 when Trump stated his campaign

It’s like a soap opera or reality TV for me, not being in the US

The Trump Show is important enough to keep my attention, but far enough removed that I don’t have to take it too seriously

Things will be pretty dull without the Donald to equal parts laugh and cry about

BREXIT has occupied a lot of my attention as well

For current news information I go to the Associated Press directly.

If I want a bit of intelligent bias added in I’ll usually read, at roughly equal pace, the NY Times, the Financial Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

For reflective writing on the news and for a broader perspective I read The Economist.

Occasionally to rattle my own biases I’ll read The National Review and The Nation to see what people far more ideologically driven than me are saying.


BBC , RT , AL JAZEERA , LBC (LBC is my fav), SKY News,

And several YouTube bloggers .

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What do you make of RT?

I assume it’s Putinist Propaganda…

USA News through Bullshido, and then, if interested the usual CNN… then Washington Post, Financial Times.

Google News feed that mostly includes (most frequent first) :

La Vanguardia. El Mundo. El Confidencial. El PaĂ­s. Huffington Post. El Diario. PĂşblico. La RazĂłn. ABC (Spanish Journal). Xataca. Marca. As.

I try to avoid Voz Populi, Libertad Digital, but I confess that when Real Madrid does a good game (not lately) I can indulge myself reading the chronicle in OkDiario.

Also, The Economist. 20 Minutos…

I don’t like watching television if not for a series, a film, or a game (and only if my wife and children don’t have other plans).

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I always have found Reuters and the CBC to be a solid sources of information.

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It is important to take in news from multiple sources, not just hinge on one bet. Any time there is a hot breaking story, I do my best to examine multiple sources. I also use a truthiness browser extension which gives me an idea of the trustworthiness of each source. There are a couple of players in that market.

For stories, whoever is reporting it first is likely to have the least information, initially. Exception to that being LEO or government sources via their official public channels.


I rarely watch the news except when there is a breaking, ongoing event and in that case it’s usually CNN until they get on my nerves then I check the others out and turn it off soon enough.

Daily I get most from Twitter by following certain reporters and then go from there and bop around headlines reading some of the articles. I do visit, AP, Reuters, NYT, WaPo etc as well but I try to get most of that info directly from the AP/Reuters. PBS and NPR are also places I will ocassionally tap into as well.

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The best heuristic is to not get any of your news from Cable TV, or any other source which features someone as a “personality” delivering the content, including and especially YouTube.

Media for toddlers and young children makes use of eyes and faces to hold their weak attention span, and the same goes for adults.


It is absolutely Russian state media, which means it is, by extension, Putinist.

Hijos de Putin.



AP, Reuters, The Guardian, National Review, BBC, The Economist, Foreign Affairs, The Atlantic, Politico, Christian Science Monitor, The Intercept, The Fifth Column, The Corbett Report, Al Jazeera and the Anti-Media.

I also follow a few known spreaders of misinformation like RT to see what type of propaganda they’re pushing.


Here, in tweet form:

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Isn’t that the chick who co-anchors with Cenk Uygur?

I have no idea, I don’t watch cable news.

LOL. I don’t even have cable TV.
(photo courtesy TYT via Wikipedia)

Personally, I love the tweet, because it’s way more high-brow than the “hur-dee-dur-Republicans-are-stupid,” shit we’re accustomed to hearing.

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