Book Fight Club: The Hidden Roots of Sexual Deception, Harassment, and Assault

Originally published at: Book Fight Club: The Hidden Roots of Sexual Deception, Harassment, and Assault - Bullshido

What is it about men that causes them to be the overwhelming perpetrators of sexual harassment, stalking, and partner violence? This book suggests the problems, and perhaps the solutions lie in human evolution.

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This is a discussion about the book. Try to keep it on topic and related to the actual subject matter, you heathens.

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Is there any measurable difference, or identifiable trait, between a potential predator and non predator male, or are we all potential predators just waiting for the appropriate stimuli?

Until we can isolate the relevant causes for the behavior this is the only reasonable conclusion for any woman to take.

Every unknown male should rationally be viewed as a potential attacker. What they do with that understanding is up to them but the only two indicators of this behavior is past behavior and being a male. Even knowing their past behavior, it is only rational to believe every man is a potential rapist. A male with a history sexually aggressive behavior is just more likely.

That being said, some women are capable of extreme acts of coercive sexual violence but it’s so comparatively rare that it may as well not be even be considered.

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Yes, “dark triad” personality traits make all these behaviors more likely, according to the book. Narcissism seems chief among them given the inability to imagine the situation from the victim’s perspective and overwhelming sense of entitlement to having them as a mate.


I have two teenage daughters

This shit makes me feel so powerless


We are powerless but I admire your dedication to your family.

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The only viable solution is to make sure your daughters are powerful.


Alas I cannot teach the sons of others not to be rapists

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Not without a few billion dollars and a bat suit at least.

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A start would be the teaching of “consent” in high schools

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I think you’re on the right track but I’d start in Junior High or younger and progressively reinforce the message as they get older. Indoctrination works better the earlier it arrives.

I know, it sounds weird to call this indoctrination but that’s what it is. Kids today are mostly going to learn about human sexuality from the internet, so the sooner someone gets to them with some words of sanity the better off they’ll be. I’m not sure which is worse.The comparative vacuum that I grew up in or both damn barrels of hardcore pornography and filthy slums of idiocy like 4chan that give all the wrong examples within a few keystrokes.

Just for that reason I’m of the mind that we need two version of the internet. Parental locks and content filters don’t do much to stop curious eyes from what I’ve heard and the kind of households that are most likely to raise abusers probably don’t even use those.

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Women should be trained to know how to avoid situations where they are at enhanced risk, AND be able to defend themselves as effectively as possible, physically if need be up to and including lethal force.

Of course, men should be trained the same.

I’m reading the book, it’s quite interesting. I like the evolutionary biology approach, of course, part of that is likely confirmation bias on my part though.

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Parents need to raise their children to be able to think for themselves and make age appropriate decisions. As they get older and can comprehend more, it’s time to explain to them potential risks/dangers they face. We did that with our boys, I’d have done it with my daughters if I had had any.

Learning to physically defend themselves is a key component of that, especially for young women, as is the ability to be assertive.

We also taught our kids to be respectful of other’s people’s personal space, as well as appropriate behavior with others in terms of sexual contact.


I hate to get all gender bender on this, but - from experience - there are some absolutely psychopathic women out there, too. And, in our new era of sexual liberation, this is no longer a binary question, as well, so you have also recognized.

We live in the age of #metoo and Cancel Culture. There is no escape from a mere accusation, so defense starts with being able to defend against lip service (no pun intended). It is as equally unfortunate that there are victims of actual abuse as it is there are purveyors of fraudulently alleged abuse.

You are quite correct, but consent in all areas, not just sexual

Not just “no means no”, which is a good, easy to understand message, but “anything but yes means no”

How common would you say false accusations of sexual assault are?

Absolutely. It’s just their psychopathic tendencies are usually acted on differently. For example, female serial killers usually kill for money. Male serial killers usualy kill for sex. The crime statistics are startling. Women who are charged with sex crimes usually commit statutory rape with teenage boys. Men are profoundly more likely to resort to violent coercion. I think most good looking young party going guys have had a female make unwanted advances on them while they were drunk but those usually don’t resort to violence.

Me and my former wingman used to watch each other like hawks to keep the loung lizards at bay. The difference being that we always had the luxury of laughing it off later because we were never in any real danger.