Biggus Testus - Threadus

I am just an ordinary user posting an ordinary thread.


Wow, a 20 character minimum post limit?

Minimum Effort!

Welcome to Bullshido — thanks for contributing!

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Yeah, that lovely blurb is getting changed, stat.

All the finest peoples?

This is a test.

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I don’t like the circular avatars much

Hmmm, interesting.

I have no idea what’s going on. -Towely from South Park

I made less stupid. We can now change size and shape, sorta. It’s all square-based, but now we have control.

I made some tweaks in the admin settings. Most notably, I turned off the feature that makes frequent posters into auto-moderators.

You should take Monday morning to just go through that entire corpus of stuff we can do, and that is not counting plugins, so if you can’t figure out how to do something, we can probably find it online. One thing that is not there by default is sig blocks. I had a plugin in my last beta to allow it, but I’m curious how this might progress without them.

Auto-moderator? LOL, that idea is a non-starter.

If you want a REAL forum where people have to play nice, you should require people to post under their real names.

One of the martial arts forums I used to post on required that. It worked.

Fixed this verbiage.

I upped the resolution on the badges. May take a while for the cache to catch up.

@submessenger Excellent work as usual! Time to demand a payraise, man.

All we need is my visage at higher resolution, fo sho.

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Alright. Fine. Here I am.



I Bullwark’ed our new adds, and bumped trust levels for everyone that I am familiar with.

Hey everyone did you know that the Vietnamese currency is the dong?

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I made an account. Yey!

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We’re not in Albuquerque any more.

How much leeway do I have to…test things, on a scale of 1-10, with 0 being no fun.