BCAA’s Now With Less Genocide!

I know everyone likes to shit on Onnit, but how about bigger supplement companies? What if they were profiting off of something far worse than questionably effective products? Here is a mundane amino acid supplement from Magnum, but why are they using such an odd selling point?

Branch chain amino acids have several potential sources but the most widely used are human hair and duck feathers. In some cases the source of that human hair is people in third world countries looking to make a couple bucks…but the cheapest source, by a wide margin, is China. More specifically Xinjiang. Uighur hair is very cheap…because it doesn’t need to be paid for. Note below how everyone’s head is shaved in this “re-education vocational training facility”…

Many companies don’t say where they’re sourcing their BCAA’s at all and talk in fuzzy terms about potential sources in food. I’m reaching out to some of them to see what they have to say about where they get them, but at this point it’s not looking good…

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Because they clearly know their market, i.e. you.

So it better to eat chicken un plucked?

As I’ve told all the people I’ve been with that didn’t keep things well groomed, nobody likes to eat chicken with the feathers still on it…

I’ll go as far as gristle for the glucosamine and skin for the collagen but that’s as far as I’m going.

LOL I’ve been selling all of these products for 3 years and this is the first time I noticed that label. Magnum is one of a few companies that does what I would call a minimal level of due diligence. I expect similar from some of their competitors though and it seems they’re a little less adverse to a bit of genocide if it helps the bottom line.

The fitness industry is inextricably tied to China (like the rest of the economy). The infrastructure simply doesn’t exist to entirely cut ties with them. Manufacturing can be done in Taiwan or Vietnam, but the steel and plastics still come from the CCP. Regardless I think any civilized person who realizes they’re profiting from literal genocide has a duty to avoid it if possible.

It could be the reason why my cat is so ripped


Genocide is available at the corner store.

There is no honor in marketing.

I wasn’t implying there was. Just pointing out that there’s a problem with using BCAAs from questionable sources if you don’t like genocide.

I don’t use or endorse Magnum products, I just used them as an example because they include that in their marketing. The information is accessible, whereas with the other companies, it isn’t.

This isn’t a matter of me trying to say one company is so wonderful, I’m saying the entire industry is rotten but there may be a few exceptions. They all sell snake oil as far as I’m concerned I just think genocide free snake oil is nicer.

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But you seem to be endorsing Magnum products, by specifically calling out their odd marketing pitch as exceptional? More genocide free is better? I’d buy that for a dollar.

My personal Magnum endorsement:

BTW, there is a ton of pro-PRC and pro-Russian internet misinformation about these images all loaded to the roof with anti-American agitprop.

People need to start taking the growing threat of organized authoritarian nation misinfomation seriously. It’s not like the old days. They are indoctrinating and mobilizing legions of nationalist/extremist internet trolls against the the allies of democratic nations.

The US stays out of information warfare for the most part by debunking misinformation at the level of state but it doesn’t do so directly to the population.

I understand why the state department might not expend much effort to directly engage the public to combat agitprop and foreign nation active measures but whatever the reasoning, the need for the government to start pushing back stronger is becoming paramount in the war against authoritarian rule.

If we don’t get our shit together and expeditiously kick those motherf#ckers in the teeth on a daily basis then it’s just going to get harder to push back against their lies.

F#ck the PRC, f#ck the Kremlin, f#ck nationalists of every stripe.

Isn’t consuming human hair, strictly speaking, cannibalism?

No, you probably suck in quite a lot of human hair on a daily basis, mostly in the form of dust, but also little curlies.

You know it’s true because you’re picking them off your tongue pretty regularly. Just think about all the ones you miss.

Cannibalism is consuming an entire being, or someone who recently was.

That is a ridiculous definition

Lechter only ate the census person’s liver

No. Lecter didn’t throw anything away. Not the wasteful sort.

There’s a recipe for every part of everything.

That’s how Will caught him, too.

Your criteria for cannibalism is still erroneous

That post’s content was low, as usual, and off topic, as always.

That is one of your best ones, man.

I’m cracking up…

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