Back in shape at 58 years old

Howdy EVERYONE, I’m Marco from Italy

The last time I wrote in the old BULLSHIDO may be a 20 or 25 years ago, then I’d to quit my training due to my job and my traveling around Italy

With covid and lockdown I was blocked for over 3 years and I lost my job … but so now I’m home working and, living alone, I could resume my training

These picture can SHOW my HARD EFFORT from more than 85 Kg of belly to an actual 70 Kg of muscles (but I’m going for the 58!!!)

My training history …

  • Born in 1965
  • I start my TRADITIONAL BS waste of time from 5 years old!
  • I wasted a dozen of years crawling behind the BLACK BELT POWER SYMBOL
  • Then I opened my eyes … also due a very deluding real fighting couple of tests
  • A 40 years ago and even before MMA and BJJ ad effective fighting were only far far away rumors
  • But I had a GREAT GREAT LUCKY … in near Ferrara City there is the famous all over Europe WESTERN BOXING BRANCHINI FAMILY
  • Then always in Ferrara 40 year ago there was a GRECO ROMAN WRESTLING OLIMPIC LEVEL club
  • I joined both and I mixed WESTERN BOXING with GRECO ROMAN WRESTLING … because we haven’t anything else… the time of MMA, MUAY THAI, BJJ are still far far away
  • Then the job and the covid lockdown, so I decided to loose more than 15 Kg of belly with a gradual training + low calories mediterranea diet
  • In the mean time I could return for only a month in my old BOXING GYM because it opened only in May with free subscription as a recall system for old students
  • But I had a GREAT GREAT SURPRISE … NOW THEY TEACH ALSO THE CUS D’AMATO PEEK-A-BOO made famous by Mike Tyson and I immediately started my training
  • Now I’m training alone in my great home park with ropes, bags, shadow and all the boxing repertory + wrestling exercise
  • till September and I’ll blend together PEEK-A-BOO with my old greco roman wrestling … and now we have BJJ and MMA also in my town and for sure I’ll take some lessons

…but I’ll publish all the video of my MATCH… THEESE ARE MY LAST YEARS and if I must die I’ll die fighting!



Thats awesome well done !

You are only 58yrs old and in fantastic shape mentally and physically so there is no reason for these to be your last years.

With your spirit you could still be wrestling and boxing training into your 80s

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:+1: Thanks PDA I really appreciate your words!

And you’re right … my LAST YEARS can be also another 100 !!!

Thx Marco

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Very nicely done man. Lots of hard work, I went through a similar process, dropped my weight from 100Kg’s to 84kg’s which is where I am now.

Looking good! keep it up!

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Great Job Marco!

Hard work always pays off. Your story is really inspiring. Keep it up!

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Thx! Marco :+1:

Thx for your words
…you too made a great job from 100 Kg’s to 84 !
(opss… I also have some problems to use the editor so I deleted a couple of posts…)