Arguing with Idiots: a Brief Guide

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People who tell you not to argue with idiots are probably idiots. Here’s a handy guide on how to do it properly without being an idiot yourself.

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How do you know if you are the idiot or the person arguing with the idiot?

Asking for a friend

Idiot checking in. Good article.

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That’s the second time today a computer called me stupid. You son of a biscuit eater! That’s right. Your parents like carbs. I went there.

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This is easy:

  1. Stick a fork into the nearest electrical outlet.

  2. If you followed Step 1, you’re no longer the idiot in the argument.


My favorite meme of all time, because this led to that.


That particular meme was a massive failure. Small children thought it signified candy.

I personally witnessed the death of a small child maybe 3 or 4 that drank transmission fluid in my mother’s kitchen when I was in kindergarten. I tried to stop him but he thought he was stealing something sweet because it looked like hawaiian punch. I remember running into the livingroom trying to tell our mothers what happened but they didn’t understand. I will never forget it as long as I live. The trip to the hospital was a nightmare. My mother kept stopping the car because she was afraid to get in trouble. I remember me and two of my siblings yelling at her to go but she just kept stopping the car.

I think she killed that boy as much as he killed himself.

She wasn’t a good person. Selfish. Stupid. Childish beyond reasonable belief.

Every time I see that stupid sticker I can’t help but think of the well meaning but fallacious errors and blind dumb bad luck that contributed to so many deaths.

Sorry about your trauma, but Mr Yuck was not a “massive failure”. It’s one of the most successful poison control symbols ever produced, not to mention a legendary Pittsburgh icon second to maybe Mr Rogers.

At worst, it wasn’t terribly effective for the youngest age groups it targeted. Older kids like myself definitely responded negatively to Mr Yuck.

You’re wrong.


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What’s your favorite flavor of crayon, Joe?

They all taste the same. source

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We need a “Arguing when you are an idiot” thread.

Sharp. Transparent.

So useful. Totally needed.

That’s like 95% of our threads, here.


But with a little commitment we could definitely get that up to 97/98%

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What would you know about commitment?