Arguing With Idiots: 4 Simple Rules

How do you deal with idiots on social media, or even real life? Here are a few tips courtesy of our series on Self Defense Against BS.

Isn’t that an older thing you posted already someplace else?

That’s not a bad thing, just looks familiar.

I’ll have to look at it after work, no sound here.

I’ll ask this though: Define idiot, please.

This is key. Most people aren’t actually idiots, they just come from a different set of first principles. Just like most people are rational actors.

That’s kind of what I was thinking.

I wish you had let @Phrost explain that, though…

Not that I was optimistic about it.

My initial comment, without listening, was going to be “stop calling people idiots”.

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I didn’t watch the video lol.

Well, one doesn’t have to to come up with the questioning the whole “idiots” thing as a general approach.

All humans are irrational actors, and irrational.

It does seem to lend itself to silly tribalism, especially regarding political leanings.

“Those that do not lean as we do, politically, are by definition idiots, or villains, or both.”

And the use of the categorization or labeling that way, does not make people smarter, but rather the reverse.

“Define an idiot”

Well for starters, let’s go with people who comment on a video without watching it.

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This is the video version of an article we have on the same subject, because people are fucking lazy and don’t read articles as much as they surf YouTube.

Not commenting on the video, and I wrote I did not watch it.

It’s in the title, which I did read.

Try again…

OK, that’s what I remembered, thanks.

I’ll get to it this evening.

But, then it is a potentially catchy title.

Makes the people who watch it feel like they are better than those “idiots”.

Sadly, exactly so.

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No, you make the choice.

You also make the choice whether to be effective or ineffective at the things you do.

We all do, thanks for stating the obvious.


So when do the ends justify the means?

Thanks, for asking. Yes.