Are Martial Arts a form of Cultural Appropriation?

Clearly, you have never had your style jacked!

All that said. Sometimes hard work pays off and dreams come true…

I’m really not sure about ninjutsu.

Every time I look into it, it’s a massive dramafest with a bunch of unlikeable people calling each other fakes while proclaiming themselves the real deal. I have no idea who has the real ninjutsu, if anyone does.

Is it even a separate fighting style? Has that ever been conclusively established?

I saw people arguing that what is taught as ninjutsu is basically just pre-war Japanese jujutsu, but wearing a black gi, as opposed to a white one - and that the ninjutsu from the old samurai arts was all about espionage and infiltration and things like poisons and disguises and weather forecasting and astrology rather than hand to hand combat.

But I don’t know what I really think. I’m just a guy who watches videos.

The ninja folklore is 99.999% bullcrap.
The Samurai folklore is also mostly bullcrap.
The stories of Japan having effective martial arts, or combat methods, prior to adopting Western military methods, and Western educational methods, are largely bullcrap.
Now, if we were talking about the Mongols, that would be a different story.
The Mongols were really bad asses, with developed martial skill, and combat methods, in real life.

It’s always drama because everyone is claiming to be ‘the real’ last ninja. Much of it is bollocks like youve said.

If the japanese didnt have effective combat methods is that why they had such a long warring state period? Soldiers were so shit nobody could win?

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I’m not saying that is causation versus correlation,
But they were isolated small pond fish, either way.
And the only reason they were not a minor Mongol colony is the typhoons made them not worth the upkeep.

How is knowing how to fight well anything but common sense?

Ever worked pubs?

Cos it really isn’t.

I do work pubs. It is a necessity.

I think the last part of my childhood died when I found out that those straight ninja swords worn across the back weren’t really a thing. Obviously, now they exist for people to chop tatami mats and water bottles with - talking historically.

Thinking about it, carrying a unique type of weapon that marks one out as an espionage agent/assassin probably isn’t really conducive to successfully conducting such business. Imagine if there was a type of handgun that was ONLY given to CIA agents, say for example.

I was attempting humour.

And that’s my point. It’s highly improbable they weren’t like any other soldier or ‘samurai-esque warrior’ in terms of how they fought, they might just make use of a different set of skills on the day to day.

Imagine having to hire teachers for your army to teach them sword work, and then deciding arbitrarily that the guys you’re sending to infiltrate a place need to learn a completely seperate sword art when the other is doing fine for the actual guys on the front lines. This is why I don’t by into dedicated ninja swords/sword skills etc, more likely it was a subset of strategies and activities used by people who also learned the other stuff.

I read somewhere (so may be true, may not be) that they learned how to do things like using a (regular) katana with a modified tsuba as an aid to climbing high walls. Wedge the sword against the wall, step up on the tsuba, get up on the wall, use string attached to sword to pull it up afterwards.

Or keeping a shorter sword dressed up like a katana, so they’d be able to draw the thing faster and attack in a different manner while the opponent wasn’t expecting that. Use the extra space in the saiya to hold irritant power that could be flung in the other guy’s face.

Yeah, things like this - but not “fighting with ninja sword”.

As a ninja, I find that offensive.

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If you truly were, you’d have the real wing chun and you wouldn’t announce it so loud. What Naruto-ass ninja are you my guy?


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