Anybody used a tonal

Has anyone reasonable strong tried a tonal machine?

Yes, it goes by the name calisthenics and I’m the machine.

I had no idea what a Tonal was - I had to look it up. It looks like a 21st century 80’s multi-gym.

If you are thinking of buying one then you have too much money. Get a squat rack and associated weights.


I’m not thinking of buying one. I’m curious how effective they are.

These things artificially create the feeling of resistance without actually being heavy.

I’ve seen enough home gym fail videos this last year to know that eventually someone is going to get killed when one of these things gets poorly mounted and flys off crushing the user.

Sure enough I just checked and Tonal requires professional mounting for this reason, but I’m sure in the paperwork there’s some sort of liability waiver…

Anyways like it’s competitor The Mirror…I just don’t trust these kinds of smart device. Stare into the abyss long…

I reckon if you are going to spend a few hundred dollars/quid on a fitness device I’d spend it on a good quality water rower. Easy to store, look great in your loft apartment and give a good all over workout. BTW - I have one. (The water rower, not the loft apartment)

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They have a very generous return policy if it does not fit in the area you bought it for.

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I have not. Instead thanks to COVID I decided to order a Rogue rack, Ohio Power Bar, a platform, a Texas Strength Systems lat Pulldown/low row, a bunch of plates, and Westside Barbell Scout Hyper. Unfortunately everything is backordered and still not shipped after almost 2 months. I decided against the Tonal as I wanted to do the whole “buy once, cry once” thing.

Edit: Did some research and for a lot less than the price of the tonal you can get a USA made rack from Rogue, a bar, and a few hundred in plates and have a more effective system. I recommend that route. You don’t absolutely need a lat Pulldown and reverse hyper like I went for.

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If I had the space that would be my prefered choice

Understood. My stuff is going to be pretty packed in inside a single car garage that I’ll need to seal, insulate, and eventually add a mini split too since I’m in Phoenix so I get it. That’s why I picked up a folding Reverse Hyper. Wouldn’t have room at all for one if I couldn’t store it against the wall when not in use.

Do you have space for a couple of portable barbell stands that you could store someplace when not in use?


Prima Posta.