Anatomy of a Catastrophe

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There are a lot of opinions floating around about Kyle Rittenhouse and his actions. Normally when we have an emotionally charged series of events like those surrounding young Mister Rittenhouse, the first and most immediate of these opinions can be quickly parsed into a few easy categories.

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Word on the street is, the beef isn’t over. I’ve been doing some research and they’re saying the attack on Rittenhouse was misplaced retaliation for the boogaloo.

Notice that every time Kyle’s gun is referenced for “straw purchase” or “illegal,” the word APPEARS is present.

That kind of language is typical to avoid libel.

If they say it definitively was a straw purchase and the court fails to press charges, acquits the suspect of those charges or if the guy that gave him the rifle pleas down to lesser charges somewhere along the way then anyone who claimed it was a straw purchase prematurely could be brought to civil court for libel.

So they say it “appears” to be a straw purchase until the court room says so or the suspect in the straw purchase admits to it publicly.

It’s why the evening news calls people alleged killers before the verdict is handed down but just calls them killers only after a guilty verdict.


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