32 Omicron and the End of the Covid Pandemic

Originally published at: 32 Omicron and the End of the Covid Pandemic - Bullshido

The Omicron variant is all the rage in viruses, and Dr. Jason Goldsmith, Immunologist (MD, PhD), comes on the show to provide his genuinely shocking analysis of the situation—one a lot of our listeners are not going to like. Listen to the episode below, or on any major podcasting platform. Or don’t listen, because you are dumb and make bad life decisions in general. Bullshido · 32 Omicron Live and Let Die


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OK, that one made up for the awful one about DUIs.


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That was directed at @Phrost , not you Doofus.

I mean, you do come up with some decent prima posta stuff. Credit where credit is due.

Anything more complicated and you fall on your face.

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You can imagine my disappointment

It’s on display here constantly, no imagination necessary.