22 Reddit Breaks Wall Street with Andy Meade

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What the hell is going on with GameStop? Why are your nerdy friends furiously buying a previously worthless stock with looks of pure malice on their faces. What is money? Why are we here? Is there any meaning in the universe? Well if you want answers to the first couple of questions, you’ll want to listen to this episode of The Art of Fighting BS Podcast. Andy Meade, an economist out of the Pacific Northwest, comes on the show to explain everything happening right now, and unpack a hundred years of Capitalism into a little over an hour. Listen below, or on your favorite podcast service. Don’t forget to subscribe, and comment below to continue the discussion Bullshido · 22 – Reddit Breaks Wall Street

One word: Battletoads.

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Day trading is possibly one of the worst ways to invest your net worth, just FYI.

Be careful any time any stock gets hyped up, be especially cautious of financial “experts” telling you what to buy or sell. You don’t know their game.

What’s won in a day, can be lost in a day.

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You speaking from expertise?

What’s going on here is a liquidity problem. The retail investors are calling out large over leveraged hedge funds who don’t have enough cash to cover their short positions. So the Depository Trust Company is requiring huge stakes in order to cover trades on certain stocks so a dominoe effect doesn’t wipe out half the market.

Which is really bullshit when you think about it. How the fuck were these hedge funds allowed to become so fucking over leveraged before their margin got called in?

This kind of risky lending tied into greedy investment strategies led to the 08 crash.

Fucking unbelievable bullshit.

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Nobody puts their net worth into day trading, unless all they have is a debit card and the rest of last week’s paycheck, after rent.


Also you’re podcast needs serious audio tuning improvements, get some decent microphones and a mixer.

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Skype isn’t good enough? Fucking Trump.

Seriously, if you have honest/genuine suggestions, they are welcomed. I’ve got maybe a couple grand into the podcast equipment that we don’t use because we’re all on fucking zoom calls, so perhaps you can tell me how to spend more money, better.

No, I mean seriously, I’m down for pointers.

I have what 9 or ten microphones, and four mixers. We just never get to sit together.


That’s it. Really.


These guys have run a bunch of succesful podcasts for 10 years.

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Actually, I just counted, 13 microphones. I own 13 microphones, not counting laptop built-in bullshit.

Audio quality is hard to deal with when we’ve got remote guests, internet challenges, etc. I’m not being thin skinned, here. I do my best.

How many successful podcasts do you have?

Again, not being thin skinned, here, but you are bringing this up. We have a regular listenership in the 5k range. Not tipping any scales, but… stones and glass houses and shit.

Also, I’m not pretending to be a professional. I’m honing my craft to be more professional, so I’m honest in my response when I say “if you have constructive tips, add them in.” Hopefully this diatribe does not come off as me just shouting you down.

Each episode provides new challenges - location, technology, they change every single time. When we’re better established and there’s no more coof, things will settle down to more of a baseline, that we can adjust for quality.

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Well the audio is peaky and muddled the content. The intro is pretty busy as well.

This is meant as constructive criticism.

Mr sensitive.

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Constructive is welcomed, and thank you.

By intro, do you mean the musicky dramatic much talking thing?

My levels definitely got out of control, this episode. My own fault, I was fucking around with my gains and also getting more and more “engaged.”

Remote people, I don’t have any control over their audio quality. I could spend countless hours and thousands of dollars to improve that, but since I’m doing this basically on spec, it’s not an option.

Also, I’m not an audio professional (yet). A couple more years of this…

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I thought he was clearest voice on the podcast.

I hope Gonzo chimes in on this. If I remember right he used to work for a hedge fund and probably has an interesting perspective on the subject matter.

Andy sounded really good, considering we did this on Skype. Maybe a little bassy, but clear and mostly ungarbled, given the internet sitch.

I should have put a little more bass on me, forgot to fire up that filter, we spent like an hour because I didn’t expect to have the problems we did. And, then, chasing those problems, everything that I keep saying should be SOP for us went out the window, once again. Because it’s like a new thing, every single time.


It’s alright I still listened to the whole thing, and hear practice makes perfect.

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It’s all cool, then. We want to present information and an entertaining show, so if you listened, my mission - while not A++ - was accomplished. Thanks for the feedback, I will take it in to account.


I had no problem understanding Andy. It was a good podcast, with good info.

PEOPLE, better start being more careful with your everybody/nobodies.

If you want an honest suggestion on that one. I have one. Don’t use Zoom.
Get a group Adobe account, and their sound recorder/mixer(Studio I think it’s called).
Call and talk to each other over cell phones, and talk into mics recording with studio.
Each person uploads to a cloud and one person mixes it together. It shouldn’t cost significant sums and it will clean up your audio quality.

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